Synch local repository

Now, let’s take a minute and go back to GitKraken Client to inspect what the repo looks like from the ground.

Right at the top of the commit graph you should see origin main ahead of all other branches and now containing all the commits made by the entire team.

You should see the local branch you used to make your contributions in below, and likely still checked out (indicated by the on the branch label).

Finally, right at the bottom, you should see your local main branch which is behind all other branches.

So let’s go ahead and synch our local main with the origin main.

Checkout main branch

First we need to checkout the local main branch. You can either double click on the branch label or check it out on the left panel by next to main.

Pull remote changes

Then, click on Pull
to pull the remote changes.

This should synch our local main with the origin main.

Finally, to also keep your local repo tidy and clean of any stale branches, let’s also delete the local branch we worked in to contribute to the main branch. In my case that’s the edit-metadata branch.

To delete it, right click on the branch label and then select Delete branch-name. You can also delete it through the left panel by clicking on next to the branch name and then again, selecting to delete.

You should now have a nice and clean git graph with the local and origin main branches synched and up to date! 🥳 🎉 ✨